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Link Trade Rules
1) Place our text link in a highly visable spot on your site, the more traffic you send us the more we will send you.
2) You must have our link on your site before you add your link to our site. If our bot can not find our link on your site, your link will not be added to our site. Our link MUST be visible & accessible to the surfer on your site. A link on a page that no one will ever visit is of no use at all.
3) If you remove our link from your site at any time, your link will automatically be removed from our site. Our bot regularly checks our link partners sites for our reciprocal link. If it isn't found, our bot checks a second time with in a 48 hour period. If our link isn't found the second time, your link is auto deleted from our site with out warning.
4) Do not list sites that are banner farms, circle jerks, TGP's, pic posts, and sites with crap traffic. We will be sending you quality traffic all we ask is you do the same for us.
6) No blind or misleading links what-so-ever back to us. No one benefits from bad traffic!
7) Our link back does not have to be on the first page of your site, but if it is, it has to be above your enter link. Do not put our link under your "enter" button - no one looks down there.

We require a link back to this site. Text links are prefered.
<!---------start copy here-------->
<a href="http://www.voyeurnetwork.com"><strong>Voyeur Network:</a> Full length xxx movies, daily videos, live cams, galleries, large gay section, and tons more!</strong>
<!---------end copy here-------->

Once our link is on your site please email us and let us know the url we can see it on.

OR - save one of our banners to your pages